Wednesday, September 26, 2007

8 cents per click - Making money with Money back Madness

I've been very impressed with Money back Madness for a pay per click service it's rewards are very high. (in the region of 4p (8 cents))

But it's not that straight forward to find the pay per click options as it's hidden with all the cash back offers. So here's a brief run through of what to do.
    1. Join Money back Madness by clicking here (they even give you £10 bonus for joining)

    2. When you log in. on the righ hand site you will see an option for daily money back. If you click on this link you will be taken to a page of offers.

    3. There are many ways of earning money. Just by performing searches on shopping sites or by entering free competitions (takes 1 click) you will soon find yourself earning good rewards.
Making 4p for only a few clicks is very good, it's approx 8 times more than most payperclick companies.

Source: Web-Dosh

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