Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Smorty Money Making Experience

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to BlogI wrote on the 22nd of this month that I had joined Smorty to see how it works in practice. This is my experience - and, no, I'm not being paid to write this!

I applied to join Smorty on the 14th of November and received confirmation that my blog was deemed suitable on the 16th.

Note: To be accepted blogs must be at least three months old and averaging a minimum of two posts per week. They must also be indexed by Google and Yahoo. They also state that, 'It can take up to 72 hours to have your blog approved/declined'.

On the 17th I wrote a post for them. The value was only $6 but this was really as a test more than for making money.

Note: At the time of me choosing an offer to complete there were five available.

On the 24th my post was officially approved.

Note: Advertisers have five full days to review posts. If they have not by then been disputed they are automatically approved. In other words it takes five full days for a post to be okayed.

On the 28th $6 was paid into my PayPal account.

Note: The official quoted Smorty pay schedule: 'Bloggers get paid on a weekly basis. As soon as your post has been approved, which takes 5 days, you will be paid for that blog article on the first payment day of that week.' Payments are made to members by PayPal.

So there you go: 14 days after submitting my blog I received a first payment. All of that seems to work just fine - no complaints at all.

Let's look a little deeper at the potential to make money with Smorty. They write, 'As soon as there is a new available campaign for your blog(s) you will be receiving an email from us describing the task and deadlines.'

Since I joined I have received four such emails offering me between $6 and $10.80 to write a post. Problem was that by the time I clicked to look at these offers three of them had all been taken.

Generally when I've logged in to Smorty there are four or five offers listed for me to take up if I wish to do so. The values of these range between $6 and $12 and I don't usually feel that they are suitable for this blog. Two today, for example, are for casinos.

If I was asked to compare Smorty with PayPerPost I would say that PPP is far superior. Today PPP had 16 offers I could take up and these ranged from $5 to $29 (though with this one a video was required). PPP also offer $20 for a new members first post.

The advantage with Smorty is that you are paid quicker than with PPP - they take 30 days from when you first publish your post.

If I was to give a score for smorty it would be 3/5.

Pros: Efficient, quick payments for work carried out.
Cons: Low value offers, offers taken up quickly, it won't make you rich.

If you are just looking to make a few dollars and want to be paid reasonably quickly then Smorty is fine. If you want more earnings potential then PayPerPost is a better bet. Of course, there's no reason why they both can't be used in tandem.

Good luck,
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Sweeney Todd Rave

The mad man of movies is at it again. December 21st Tim Burtons’ movie, “Sweeney Todd” will be in theaters and if you are familiar with Tim Burtons’ work you can believe it will be off beat and out side of the box.

The story of Sweeney Todd has been told for years and is basically a story of revenge. A good man is falsely imprisoned and during his imprisonment he becomes a different man. An evil man, a man bent on revenge. They say revenge is good for the soul. I know if someone does something against me I want revenge.

I remember back when I was in High School a group of guys jump me and a friend, but because we fought back the guys ended the attack. My friend however ended up with a bloody nose. Both me and my friend wanted revenge and I happened to have known where one of the guys lived. We went to the guys house the next day and long story short we ended up fighting the whole family. The guy his father and mother. The father managed to get away from my friend who was fighting him and got a gun. He told us to leave and needless to say we did.

Go to and confess you attempt at revenge. You can either write a confession or video it and post it on the site. Be sure to visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site for info on the cast and crew, trailer of the movie, downloads and more.

Also visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace for more fun stuff.

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Mister Linker

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Customer Relationship Management - A Tool To Increase Sales

In the course of my blogging for over four months, I have always been very much into finding ways on how to improve my blog and maybe find another way wherein I can maximize my sales and not compromise each visitor satisfaction on my blog. In this search for ways, I came upon a site that offers customer relationship management to site owners and web marketers
alike. If we put things into context, It is going to be like your customer representative in your local malls and supercenters wherein customers can refer their opinions, questions or comment about the establishment. This is how aim support helps internet marketers to increase sales.

I just found out that they are offering a free 14-day trial which include most of the features so that youll be able to find out the difference. You can compare the features by clicking here.

Let me expound how this CRM specialist. As a site owner, you can pass the sales process, and improve follow-up with the sales management features that are already built in on this program. This takes the burden off your effort or your employees if you employ some to so their work and thus, reduces the number of features and functions that they have to constantly keep an eye on.Simply put, they do the dirty job here while you foces more on sales and revenue.
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On Teenagers Issue On Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Its not very uncommon to hear about troubled teens because I think teenagers today are more or less, innately deviant. But what is becoming more and more alarming is the rate of teenagers having issues about drug addiction and the number that actually goes to drug rehab compared to those who are not.

Statistics say that smoking and drinking alcohol predisposes teenagers to more potent substance abuse like cocaine and marijuana. It is like a gradual process of learning wherein you learn first the basic of the subject for instance medicine, you have to first master the concept of anatomy and physiology before progressing through the higher level of clinical learnings. Same is true with alcohol and drug addiction.

While some prefer to undergo drug treatment, an increasing number of troubled teens do not even admit being an abusive user or an addict. This I think, is the first and the hardest step in going into drug rehabilitation-the awareness that one is into substance abuse.

There are alot of ways you can help someone in your peers, in your family or even just someone you know on how he or she can cope up with this very difficult stage. You can contact the social services of your local government and some people would be very happy to lend you a hand. Another thing maybe is online interventions wherein you can contact a non-profit website and tell them about your situation and how you want your friend of family member be treated. They would be more than glad to give you a little of assistance that you need.

In addition to this contact form, you can also find all the information that you need about the different substance and drug addiction and its interventions on how to go about it and how to help someone who is in this very difficult time of their life. They might not be aware of it or even deny it but your help will always be appreciated sooner or later.

So, to close this post, teenage years only pass once in a person's life. Let us not ruin it with substances that would only be of detriment to our loved ones. They need our help.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amazon Gives Out Secret Coupon Codes!

Yes its true. I just confirmed it with my blogging friend and he says its the biggest hidden secrets made since the exposure of king tutankhamun's tomb in egypt. Well, im exaggerating but you gut my point I suppose. He has been using amazon promotional codes & coupons for sometime now and before he goes to shop online, he often checks secret amazon discounts so he can avail big discounts.

Teenagers are very much inclined to use this feature since we have limited funds, limited income and more or less, limited time to shop well. This is the maid reason why I included this on my blog review.

Of course we know that amazon sells more than just books nowadays, right? Well, not for those who live a retrospective and primitive lifestyle but even they should be very interested in checking out this discount amazon gift certificates that I am imparting to you now. I checked out the site just this morning and I think the coupons about sporting goods products got the best of my interest. In addition, I also found a discount coupon about my number three christmas wish list which is a digital camera. One of these days, I might decide on finally buying that one but im also thinking about buying a new pair of shoes.

Help me decide
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Google Giveth And Google Taketh Away Rant

Well, a few weeks ago I was happy to see that Google had finally came out with the Page rank updates. I finally got a ranking for my That Says It All blog and this blog was upgraded from a PR 1 to a PR 2.

To my surprise however a couple of weeks later I find that this blog is now rank a PR 0. I was also surprised to find that that down grade maybe due to doing paid reviews. Does Google not want us to make money this way? Doing paid reviews is the way I make most of my money from this blog. It certainly isn’t from the Google ads.

The lower page rank won’t stop me from making money from this blog, but it will lower it. I guess now that my other blog is ranked a PR 2 it will just have to take up the slack.

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Hey, want to make a quick $7.50? Well, if you have a blog that’s at least 90 days old and has at least 20 posts, click the button below and join PayPerPost. Then write a review of any post on this site and make $7.50. Go ahead and click that button.

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Be Prepared To Make Money

Money making bloggers Be PreparedHappy New Year! Do you follow the Boy Scout's motto 'Be Prepared'? If you do you'll be getting ready for 2008.

"Hang on a minute," you might say, "We haven't had Christmas yet."

True but, when we make money with blogs, we have to get ready for all peak seasons, special days and holidays.

Do you know what you'll be promoting as soon as 2008 comes waltzing into our lives? It's a time for New Year Resolutions so anything to do with them will sell well.

In the past I've had a couple of experiences of this. First, when I published my magazines one of them was for penfriends. And when did they sell best? January. People want to make new friends and relationships.

I was also a distributor for Herbalife, quite a while back, and business went mad at the start of each new year. Everyone seemed to want to try and lose weight, so their products sold well.

It's the same with making money with blogs. If you have the right products at the right time they are more likely to earn you commission. It's pretty obvious but it's no good waiting until January, in the case of New Year orientated products, before looking for the right affiliate program.

Be Prepared and plan ahead so that you are ready to swing into action on January 1st and on February 14th and on ....

Make sure 2008 starts off with a bang - of sales and commission, that is.

Good luck,

DIY Dating. Get your own free dating website and with the potential to make excellent commission.
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Help In Setting up Your Own Online Store

A lot of people have set up their own online stores and successfully makes good money from them. Amazon for instance started out as small online store selling stuffs, but look at how much fortune...

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The Richest Kid in the World

No he's not Richie Rich!

His name is Harry Potter.

Harry Potter or Daniel Radcliffe in real life, at just 17 years old is the youngest person to appear in the latest edition of the...

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blog to earn - November 27, 2007

Welcome to the November 27, 2007 edition of blog to earn.

Mert Erkal presents How to Use WordPress For Your Small Business Blog? - Part 6 posted at

Samir Bharadwaj presents The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships posted at, saying, "Is your website layout or blog template remarkable, and why it should be."

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Mandy presents How To Choose A Domain Name posted at, saying, "This is part of a case study following the start up of a blog and looking at the results."

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Tiffany Colter presents Reaching more people with your blog posted at Writing Career Coach.

Robinson Go presents Don?t Have A Blog? Start One Now! posted at Advice, saying, "Make the most out of this generation's technology, start a blog and earn real money."

presents Words letters and symbols that catches your attention posted at seo Online marketing blog, saying, "Getting people to notice your writing can be tough, you can so easliy get lost in the crowd, but there are techniques you could use to get people attention."

Patrick presents How To Make $5 bucks in 30 Minutes Online posted at How2Blogger.

James D. Brausch presents Some Competition From The Ranks posted at
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Allen Taylor presents Business Investment Strategies That Work Every Time posted at Investing World Today, saying, "The secret to investment success is the consistent application of time-proven strategies, not the use of complex, hard-to-understand investment vehicles created by investment bankers out to take your money!"

Thomas Humes presents Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees posted at Wealth Building World, saying, "How is your money flowing? How are you feeling about money? What do want in relation to money? Do you think about how much you have, or don’t have, often? What kind of statements were made about money while you were growing up? Why is it that people who have a lot of money can make it so easily and those who don’t have it, continue to go without?"

monertize yourblog presents Blogging Zoom - 5 Tips To Get Your Next Post Zoomed posted at Monetize Your Blog, saying, "Use Blogging Zoom to drive more traffic to your blog."

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Richard Lee presents Your Product Idea Incubator posted at Richard Lee.

Craig Andrews presents Just Released! Blogging For Profit And Fun posted at Craig S., saying, "Please visit my blog at for "Real Internet Business Solutions" and more!
Thank you, Craig Andrews"

Shaun Connell presents Money, by Ayn Rand posted at Reason and Capitalism, saying, "Millions try to make money online before understanding what money is, and how the system works. Here it is explained -- a must read. Hosted by a teenager who earns a full time income online."

Gley Yahya presents How to Start an eBay Business posted at Work At Home Start Up Guide, saying, "Few years ago I was considered as a power seller on Ebay (I stopped working on eBay. Reason I stopped work, due to bad events). My secret to being a Power Seller was “Building Trust in The First Place”. To help you start an ebay business and reach the same level as quick as possible, I've developed a step-by-step guide you can use to learn how to start an ebay business the right way and become part of… The "Best" Of eBay Power Sellers – The Ones Who Actually Make Big Money on eBay!"

Dorian Wales presents Economies of Blogging – Content and Blog Consolidation Due To Economies of Scope or: “Why I chose to change my blogging strategy” posted at Personal Financier, saying, "I've decided to change my blogging strategy due economies of content. Submitting articles for page views on associated content and helium or for sale on constant content is by far more economically sound for both exposure and income"

James D. Brausch presents Get Out Of The J.O.B. Trap posted at

Chris presents How Amateur Bloggers Create Great Posts posted at Martial Development, saying, "Explains an important difference between professional writers and amateur bloggers."

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KCLau presents What’s Your Time Worth? posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "Value of money is always tied to time element. If you work, you need to understand the basic concept that you’re trading your time for money. Time is a nonrenewable resource, but money? You will be able to make much more money if you understand the relationship between time and money. That’s why one of the fundamental subjects of financial planning is “Time Value of Money”."

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Lorraine Roach presents Think And Grow Rich Reaches A Goal posted at Coping With Anxiety,, saying, "I have been blogging for about 18 months and have learned alot about what it takes to write a blog that could drive traffic to your site and help you get a business started. However, there are challenges along the way and I came upon one that was a bit embarrassing but I corrected my error and kept on going. This taught me alot about myself."

Matthew Stevenson presents Guide to affiliate and referral programs posted at Food for thought, by archangelG, saying, "a sensible and helpful guide to residual incomes on a website or blog - with a human approach in mind."

Edith presents Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites Based on Google Page Rank posted at Social Media Marketing Report.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
blog to earn
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carnival submission form.
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Are you looking for a site dedicated to Goth Singles

Are you looking for a site dedicated to Goth Dating and Goth singles? is a new Internet dating site dedicated to bringing gothic singles together in a totally free atmosphere.

Membership is free and you can browse the thousands and thousands of profiles and pictures of other singles like you.
The site offers a number of communication tools to help you meet similar minded people, through the site you can: e-mail and IM other members, or add them to your address book. These tools are designed to help you meet girls or guys who have interests in the gothic, Dark, Fetish, Vampire, Heavy, Extreme Music and Alternative Cultures and lifestyles .

Many members love techno, punk rock, and goth music.
The site has real gothic personals where real gothic members are looking to meet other like minded goth friends.

Online dating for people into the goth scene has never been easier as Darkyria allows their members to not only upload photos but if you see someone that takes your interest, there’s a great “Send a Wink” feature to help you let that person know you’re interested, a Dark Cupid who will find your Soul mate, a free Video Chat, Forums, a World Map Seeker, and so much more.

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Images Bring Traffic

I was checking through my stats for yesterday and it suddenly struck home the value of images for attracting visitors to blogs. It's something that we, well I, often overlook. Below are the search engine referrals for yesterday for my celebrity blog.

Search Engine Referrals Nov 26, 2007

search engine referrals Nov 26, 07
As usual Google heads the list, as it no doubt does for most blogs, but in third place is Google (again) but for Image Searches. For me 52 referrals from them for yesterday was a very worthwhile contribution.

Of course some blog niches lend themselves more to images (photos) than others but they are always of value.

Firstly because they make posts more interesting. And there's that saying about a picture being worth a thousand words and to a degree this can be true.

If, for example, I had simply written in this post that I had 'xx' amount of search engine referrals it wouldn't have had the same authority as seeing the actual report from which I got the information. Images can also confirm what we write is true.

The second reason is, because of what I have already said, images can produce hits/traffic/referrals or whatever else you may want to call them.

From my own experience I believe that it's best to name the image exactly what it is. Many people just give them a number - I'm sure search engines appraciate this.

It's also important, I feel, to use "alt" and describe what the photo is.

Some say alt was originally introduced in case the image wasn't always visible, because of differing formats. This may be true but it's also an opportunity to use a keyword and maybe a couple of other secondary words - all useful for SEO. Seemingly Yahoo search engine likes this.

So sprinkle a few images, photos, illustrations around your blog and at the very least it will make it more pleasing on the eye. Hopefully it may bring a few additional benefits as well.

Good luck,

Blogging Good Blogs. Books on blogging and how to become a successful blogger.

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Weekly Earning Reports

Its time up for weekly earning reports.I am making this posting very late . Actually i have to make this posting on Saturday.But you know i am not well.And i am suffering severe cold.I am maintaining good diet and i have to follow it at least three months.But i have made myself that i will maintain at least six months to become fit.Very good income i made this week.I am going to receive commission junction and google adsense check this week.I will post here .But again i monetized my blog with kontera content links.It is working for me.But the pay out for each click is very less.And i am mainly concentrating on freelance work.I am planning to make at least $3000-$5000 per month only from freelance work.And i want to learn web designing to make my blogging activities going.But i will try to bring my own domain before itself.Only your support can bring it.

Adsense : $14
Adbrite (New) : Nil
Auction Ads : Nil
Blogsvertise : 10
Cashcrate : $Nil
Clixsense : $0.05
CJ : $2
Ciao: Nil
Global Test Market: 50 Points = $2
( Assume 200 points = $10,Total 1000 points equal to $50)
Loudlaunch : Nil
Linkworth: Nil
Reviewme : $10
Smorty: $6
Sponsored Reviews: Nil
Text Link Ads: Nil
The news Room: Nil
Blogitive :20
Private Ad deals : Nil
Kontera (New) : $1.23
Project Payday : $11.50

Week Total = $80.78
All Time Total = $2829.94

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Cabinets,WorkBenches,Flooring And Storage For The garage

If you own a new house or probably an old one facing problems with stained and cracked garage floors then here is the presents different styles of garage flooring that helps you in getting rid of your damaged garage floors and also adds a new attraction and comfort. Here you will witness many styles with many colors of garage floors. They are specially designed to suit any damaged garage floors and are durable for longer period. When compared to other garage coating services they are very cheap to afford as the prices start from $4.09.If you are not sure that which design, color of a garage floor will suit your home then simply leave a call to them and they will help you in making a right selection.

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Teen Tips About Choosing The Right MP3 Players

I have always wanted to buy an MP3 Player but I was a bit hesitant to spend my money on it because it might eat up all my time and I may have the tendency of foregoing my study time just listening to my MP3 player. This I think will change after I came across an mp3 player specialized site where you can choose and compare prices and specifications of the best mp3 players in the market today. My personal choice is the Tanget Iman with 512 MB memory and very handy features. I suggest you give them a try and maybe youll be deciding on your next player soon after, I did.

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Wife Sues Husband for Share of Lottery Wins

A woman is suing her husband after discovering that he won the lottery and kept it a secret from her. The wife became suspicious that he was hiding something after her husband disconnected the...

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Smorty are offering advice on Page Rank

Smorty are offering advice to their bloggers about the recent page rank changes. It's quite interesting.

"Hello and thanks for all your great work with Smorty.

There have been some recent changes that Google have made with regard to sponsored postings.
Smorty would like to offer you some advice on this issue. Google has primarily targeted PayPerPost member blogs and reduced their Page ranks across the board. Although this WILL NOT REDUCE your rankings or readership, your blog will receive more campaign offers if it has a higher page rank. To prevent any future loss of page rank due to this issue you can take the following steps:

1. Remove all sponsored post tags on each of your posts. Google can follow these tags to determine if you are being paid for posts.
2. Remove any PayPerPost tags on your posts for "hire me" and "review me". Any general affiliate banners are fine to keep."
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Not making money but very moving

I saw this today - nothing to do with making money but it really moved me.

It just goes to show that a little love goes a long way

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Money Making Shelves

fill your blog shelvesI was chatting to a bloke yesterday about supermarkets. He was something to do with the planning of where everything goes on their store shelves to maximise profits.

It seems to be quite an art: those essential items at the back of the store, so that everyone has to pass through all of the other goods to get to them, the small tempting, low cost items by the checkout - sweets, batteries, chewing gum - and so on.

fill blog shelves with money making goodsI wonder how many of us plan our blogs with such detail? Do we just plonk ads anywhere? Is our subscriber info in a prominent position? Are all of the links we carry really necessary etc. etc?

I think sometimes we have to step back and look at our blogs as if we had never seen them before. Are we playing to our strengths, for example?

Often we get so carried away with writing our posts and doing the routine things that we forget the real purpose of our blogs. If it's for making money then that is the priority.

Our side columns, header and footers are our shelves. Pack them with the right goods, in the right positions, to maximise earnings. It really can make a difference.

Good luck,

Blogging Good Blogs: Books on blogging and how to make them successful.
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Making Money With Free Stores

Check from Convergence Inc Further to my post Money Making But Not For Everyone here's their check, on the right, that I was expecting from them. Again paid on time.

The question always being asked is: How do you promote such money making programs which offer free stores?

By this I mean programs that give you a free website: Things like: DIY Dating, Amazon aStores, Convergence (over 18's only) and Zlio.

The answer is: Pretty much as you would any blog.

Here is a quick list, but there are hundreds of others once you give the subject some proper thought. Some may work, some won't - that's life.

The thing to remember with stores/shops is that you have to do something to create traffic to your free website. It won't just arrive by itself. You can't simply join, create your site and sit back.

Anyway, here's that quick 'brainstorm' list. I'm sure you'll be able to add many more ideas.

1. Join forums and discussion groups and have a link within your signature.
2. Write press releases and submit them to press PR websites.
3. Write and submit articles to the many article directories.
4. Submit your website to any directories with similar niches.
5. Promote them on your blogs - both with banners and small text ads at the end of posts.
6. Get links from other blogs.
7. Write a freebie ebook or report with links to your store/shop.
8. Obtain referrals from similar but non competing sites.
9. Try free traffic exchanges such as Blog Soldiers, Blog Explosion, Traffic Swarm, Blog Mad
10. Leave comments on other blogs with a backlink.
11. Advertise on free advertising sites such as Craigs List.
12. Include your URL on all emails sent out.
13. Exchange links with related sites.
14. Join myLot and leave URL when you write comments and join discussions. You'll also get a small commission for your participation.
15. Start your own newsletter or eZine to build a database of names and email addresses.
16. Start a new blog relative to your store/shop website and submit this to all of the blog directories - there are 100's of them.
17. Make sure you submit your store/shop to Google and Yahoo.
18. Join a link or banner exchange program.
19. Use free ads on non Internet publications.
20. Join things such as Squidoo and create pages about your store/shop.
21. Leave your link on every profile page of social network sites.

Good luck,

YouGov: Complete surveys and polls for payment - genuine company.
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Money Making Reality Check

hundreds of affiliatesAs most of us know a good source of income can arrive from introducing other bloggers and webmasters to the various affiliate and money making programs that we join. There is usually a percentage bonus based on what these people earn.

This is great because it is virtually unearned income but, at the same time, it's where a lot of people also get disheartened.

There is a truth that not many affiliate programs want you to know. This is the fact that most of the people you introduce will do either no business at all or very little.

This doesn't reflect on the affiliate program. It's simply how things work out in any selling niche.

This may sound negative but it shouldn't. There's not a lot you can do about human nature.

What you have to do is to try and introduce as many people as possible and make this as important as selling, or getting clicks, for whatever the products or service is.

Once more this is a numbers game. The more people you introduce the more likely you are to hit on the one or two who will actually produce an income for you.

Before I was self employed and published magazines I was a manager for a finance and credit company and had a team of around twenty sales men and women.

Out of these twenty there would normally be one real go getter who would smash sales targets, win prizes and do a mountain of business.

After this there would be four or five who did okay and then things deteriorated with the moaners at the bottom of the pile - who would have many excuses as to why they hadn't done well.

And this is how it was, no matter how you swapped personnel.

It was the same when I was involved with multi-level marketing. Sign up dozens of new distributors and only a couple would do any worthwhile sales.

Saying this shouldn't put anyone off from trying to get new affiliates, agents or whatever you want to call them. It's simply meant as a reality check.

If you keep going what you will eventually get are one, two or three really productive people who will earn you a good income. They are out there but you have to wade through a lot bodies to reach them. Once you do the cash tills will start to ker-ching.

Always play to your strengths not your weaknesses. If you get someone good and there is a way to help them then do so. Forget the strugglers as it's doubtful that, however much effort you put in, they will make you anything worthwhile.

It's a sad fact but, in all walks of life, there are winners and losers. Sign up a few winners and the world is your oyster - and other such cliches.

Good luck,

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Weekly Money Update #37

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving holiday, I know I did. I finally got my payments from Your2Cents that I have been waiting a while for. Not much new to report.

Here is what I have made from the programs that have paid me so far.

Cash4offers: $77.60

MaviShare: $56.00

Send Earnings: $80.12

Associated Content: $39

StormClix: $37.11

Your2Cents: $72.00

MyLot: $10.97

Media Dollarz: $10.08

FinerWorks: $26.58

: $54.00

Daytipper: $3.00

PayPerPost: $581.73

WordLinx: $10.11

Blogvertise: $66.50

Hits4Pay: $23.28

SponsoredReviews: $27.95

Clix Sense: $7.15

Helium: $31.81

Bloggerwave: $62.00

Survey Spot: $65.00

GlobalTestMarket: $50.95

Blogitive: $165.00

Blogging Ads: $20.00

Bloggertizer: $15.00

Money4Banners: $10.00

Linky Love Army: $17.00

Synovate: $10.00

Money4Blogs: $40.00

Last week's total= $1537.83
This week's total=$1682.93 (up $145.10)

Here is what I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $11.76 (up $0.33)

FinerWorks: $19.28 (up $9.49)

Google Adsense: $107.18 (up $.56)

Tik Tik Cash: $27.75 (up $.33)

Take The Internet Back: $18.39 (no change)

RevenuePilot: $48.88 (no change)

SendEarnings: $2.12 (up $.24)

WordLinx: $6.49 (up $.21)

StormClix: $.70 (up $.01).

Cash4Offers: $6.55 (no change)I haven't been getting any e-mails from here lately.

Clix Sense: $5.92 (up $.15)

Associated Content: $0.07 (up $.03)

Helium: $2.60 (up $0.6)(

MyLot: $6.80 (up $.08)

EmailPaysU: $18.28 (up $.13)

CashMoneyEmail: $16.43 (up $.05)

Snap Dollars: $11.15 (up $0.15)

PayPerPost: $248.59 (new total after payment)

Your2Cents: $8.00 (new total after payment)

Inbox Dollars: $23.86 (up $0.15)

Auction Ads: $5.00 (no change)

AdBux: $3.45 (up $.10)

Survey Spot: $5.00 (no change)

Blogvertise: $25.50 (no change)

Blogitive: $5.00 (new total after payment)

Last Week's Total= $684.46

This Week's Total= $634.75 (new total after payment)

Will my other blog was approved by PayPerPost, but Google has knocked this blog down to PR 0 which may affect the money making ability of this blog..

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