Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Weekly Earning Reports

Its time up for weekly earning reports.I am making this posting very late . Actually i have to make this posting on Saturday.But you know i am not well.And i am suffering severe cold.I am maintaining good diet and i have to follow it at least three months.But i have made myself that i will maintain at least six months to become fit.Very good income i made this week.I am going to receive commission junction and google adsense check this week.I will post here .But again i monetized my blog with kontera content links.It is working for me.But the pay out for each click is very less.And i am mainly concentrating on freelance work.I am planning to make at least $3000-$5000 per month only from freelance work.And i want to learn web designing to make my blogging activities going.But i will try to bring my own domain before itself.Only your support can bring it.

Adsense : $14
Adbrite (New) : Nil
Auction Ads : Nil
Blogsvertise : 10
Cashcrate : $Nil
Clixsense : $0.05
CJ : $2
Ciao: Nil
Global Test Market: 50 Points = $2
( Assume 200 points = $10,Total 1000 points equal to $50)
Loudlaunch : Nil
Linkworth: Nil
Reviewme : $10
Smorty: $6
Sponsored Reviews: Nil
Text Link Ads: Nil
The news Room: Nil
Blogitive :20
Private Ad deals : Nil
Kontera (New) : $1.23
Project Payday : $11.50

Week Total = $80.78
All Time Total = $2829.94

Source: Tips and Resources to Earn Money Online

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