Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Smorty Money Making Experience

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to BlogI wrote on the 22nd of this month that I had joined Smorty to see how it works in practice. This is my experience - and, no, I'm not being paid to write this!

I applied to join Smorty on the 14th of November and received confirmation that my blog was deemed suitable on the 16th.

Note: To be accepted blogs must be at least three months old and averaging a minimum of two posts per week. They must also be indexed by Google and Yahoo. They also state that, 'It can take up to 72 hours to have your blog approved/declined'.

On the 17th I wrote a post for them. The value was only $6 but this was really as a test more than for making money.

Note: At the time of me choosing an offer to complete there were five available.

On the 24th my post was officially approved.

Note: Advertisers have five full days to review posts. If they have not by then been disputed they are automatically approved. In other words it takes five full days for a post to be okayed.

On the 28th $6 was paid into my PayPal account.

Note: The official quoted Smorty pay schedule: 'Bloggers get paid on a weekly basis. As soon as your post has been approved, which takes 5 days, you will be paid for that blog article on the first payment day of that week.' Payments are made to members by PayPal.

So there you go: 14 days after submitting my blog I received a first payment. All of that seems to work just fine - no complaints at all.

Let's look a little deeper at the potential to make money with Smorty. They write, 'As soon as there is a new available campaign for your blog(s) you will be receiving an email from us describing the task and deadlines.'

Since I joined I have received four such emails offering me between $6 and $10.80 to write a post. Problem was that by the time I clicked to look at these offers three of them had all been taken.

Generally when I've logged in to Smorty there are four or five offers listed for me to take up if I wish to do so. The values of these range between $6 and $12 and I don't usually feel that they are suitable for this blog. Two today, for example, are for casinos.

If I was asked to compare Smorty with PayPerPost I would say that PPP is far superior. Today PPP had 16 offers I could take up and these ranged from $5 to $29 (though with this one a video was required). PPP also offer $20 for a new members first post.

The advantage with Smorty is that you are paid quicker than with PPP - they take 30 days from when you first publish your post.

If I was to give a score for smorty it would be 3/5.

Pros: Efficient, quick payments for work carried out.
Cons: Low value offers, offers taken up quickly, it won't make you rich.

If you are just looking to make a few dollars and want to be paid reasonably quickly then Smorty is fine. If you want more earnings potential then PayPerPost is a better bet. Of course, there's no reason why they both can't be used in tandem.

Good luck,
Source: Mike's Money Making Mission

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