Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sweeney Todd Rave

The mad man of movies is at it again. December 21st Tim Burtons’ movie, “Sweeney Todd” will be in theaters and if you are familiar with Tim Burtons’ work you can believe it will be off beat and out side of the box.

The story of Sweeney Todd has been told for years and is basically a story of revenge. A good man is falsely imprisoned and during his imprisonment he becomes a different man. An evil man, a man bent on revenge. They say revenge is good for the soul. I know if someone does something against me I want revenge.

I remember back when I was in High School a group of guys jump me and a friend, but because we fought back the guys ended the attack. My friend however ended up with a bloody nose. Both me and my friend wanted revenge and I happened to have known where one of the guys lived. We went to the guys house the next day and long story short we ended up fighting the whole family. The guy his father and mother. The father managed to get away from my friend who was fighting him and got a gun. He told us to leave and needless to say we did.

Go to and confess you attempt at revenge. You can either write a confession or video it and post it on the site. Be sure to visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site for info on the cast and crew, trailer of the movie, downloads and more.

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