Monday, November 26, 2007

Making Money With Free Stores

Check from Convergence Inc Further to my post Money Making But Not For Everyone here's their check, on the right, that I was expecting from them. Again paid on time.

The question always being asked is: How do you promote such money making programs which offer free stores?

By this I mean programs that give you a free website: Things like: DIY Dating, Amazon aStores, Convergence (over 18's only) and Zlio.

The answer is: Pretty much as you would any blog.

Here is a quick list, but there are hundreds of others once you give the subject some proper thought. Some may work, some won't - that's life.

The thing to remember with stores/shops is that you have to do something to create traffic to your free website. It won't just arrive by itself. You can't simply join, create your site and sit back.

Anyway, here's that quick 'brainstorm' list. I'm sure you'll be able to add many more ideas.

1. Join forums and discussion groups and have a link within your signature.
2. Write press releases and submit them to press PR websites.
3. Write and submit articles to the many article directories.
4. Submit your website to any directories with similar niches.
5. Promote them on your blogs - both with banners and small text ads at the end of posts.
6. Get links from other blogs.
7. Write a freebie ebook or report with links to your store/shop.
8. Obtain referrals from similar but non competing sites.
9. Try free traffic exchanges such as Blog Soldiers, Blog Explosion, Traffic Swarm, Blog Mad
10. Leave comments on other blogs with a backlink.
11. Advertise on free advertising sites such as Craigs List.
12. Include your URL on all emails sent out.
13. Exchange links with related sites.
14. Join myLot and leave URL when you write comments and join discussions. You'll also get a small commission for your participation.
15. Start your own newsletter or eZine to build a database of names and email addresses.
16. Start a new blog relative to your store/shop website and submit this to all of the blog directories - there are 100's of them.
17. Make sure you submit your store/shop to Google and Yahoo.
18. Join a link or banner exchange program.
19. Use free ads on non Internet publications.
20. Join things such as Squidoo and create pages about your store/shop.
21. Leave your link on every profile page of social network sites.

Good luck,

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Source: Mike's Money Making Mission

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