Monday, November 26, 2007

PromoPeddler Is The House Of Promotional Products

Promo Peddler is an online shopping store where you can buy one of your required items. You will witness a huge number of promotional products. They are currently offering 9, 75,000 items on their store for sale. And they have over 6,000 factories in United States and 4,000 factories around the world. Their service is available all over the world. You find many online shopping stores but many of the online shopping stores sell the products at very high rate than the original market price, but here at promo peddler we get all the promotional items at low price.Nearly 500 companies trust their service. And its most suitable online shopping store for those who make bulk purchases as it saves a lot of money for buyers. You also have a chance to win many prizes by participating in promo peddler sweepstakes. This online shopping service is available for 24/7.

Another advantage of shopping with Promo Peddler here you can participate in a buyers reward program. When you make a purchase of selected promotional items you are automatically enrolled in to buyers reward program. For example if you buy a product of worth $100 then you gets 1000 points and these points can be used to own any product of your choice. So apart from buying a product you also get a chance to take away another product of your choice for free.

Promo Peddler is also a good collection of corporate gifts. You will witness many different, interesting and amazing promotional items at this store. I am sure that when people once visit their store they would like to own many items. After satisfying many customers from years Promo Peddler has been awarded many times for their outstanding service.

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