Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Be Prepared To Make Money

Money making bloggers Be PreparedHappy New Year! Do you follow the Boy Scout's motto 'Be Prepared'? If you do you'll be getting ready for 2008.

"Hang on a minute," you might say, "We haven't had Christmas yet."

True but, when we make money with blogs, we have to get ready for all peak seasons, special days and holidays.

Do you know what you'll be promoting as soon as 2008 comes waltzing into our lives? It's a time for New Year Resolutions so anything to do with them will sell well.

In the past I've had a couple of experiences of this. First, when I published my magazines one of them was for penfriends. And when did they sell best? January. People want to make new friends and relationships.

I was also a distributor for Herbalife, quite a while back, and business went mad at the start of each new year. Everyone seemed to want to try and lose weight, so their products sold well.

It's the same with making money with blogs. If you have the right products at the right time they are more likely to earn you commission. It's pretty obvious but it's no good waiting until January, in the case of New Year orientated products, before looking for the right affiliate program.

Be Prepared and plan ahead so that you are ready to swing into action on January 1st and on February 14th and on ....

Make sure 2008 starts off with a bang - of sales and commission, that is.

Good luck,

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Source: Mike's Money Making Mission

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