Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Google Giveth And Google Taketh Away Rant

Well, a few weeks ago I was happy to see that Google had finally came out with the Page rank updates. I finally got a ranking for my That Says It All blog and this blog was upgraded from a PR 1 to a PR 2.

To my surprise however a couple of weeks later I find that this blog is now rank a PR 0. I was also surprised to find that that down grade maybe due to doing paid reviews. Does Google not want us to make money this way? Doing paid reviews is the way I make most of my money from this blog. It certainly isn’t from the Google ads.

The lower page rank won’t stop me from making money from this blog, but it will lower it. I guess now that my other blog is ranked a PR 2 it will just have to take up the slack.

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