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BLOGGING TIPS - The Ultimate Blogging Tips (Part 6)


Here are the continues of The Ultimate Blogging Tips.

26. Set Priorities For Your Blogging Tasks
This is what you can do to optimize your blogs. Distributing your blogging tasks like posting, reply comments, editing your blog are very important, and you must know how to schedule your time properly. As we all know, posting is very important for a blog, therefore you should put more of your time on posting first, then only spend the rest of your time for other stuff. Of course, this is just an example, you should decide your blogging task priority yourself. If you optimize and schedule your time perfectly, your blog can develop in a shorter time and achieve much more while you’re doing less. This is also another common mistakes that often done by other bloggers. Even I myself often did this mistake. Schedule your time properly for important task, and you can achieve your goals faster.

27. Have A Related Domain Name
I’ve seen many people are using their own names, or nickname as their blog’s domain name. Now it is not that this is wrong, but then if you want to have a higher page rank, then you should choose a domain name which has got relation with your blog’s topic. If your blog is about how to lose weight, and if your domain name is, then the first moment people look at your domain name, they don’t have any idea what your site is all about. The story will be different if your domain name is Therefore, did you get what I mean now? By the way, having a related domain name also is part of on page optimization. Search engine will rank your site higher if your domain name has got relation with the keywords that people are looking for. And if you have your own domain, your Adsense earning will be much more. This is because Google will pay more for a main domain than a sub domain. Plus, having your own domain name will make your blog looks professional.

28. Create An Easy Navigation Site For Your Reader
This is what you will need if you wanted to increase your readership. Often, if your blog has got lots of posts, I’m sure your homepage won’t be able to show all of them. So, you will need to have some easy navigation buttons on your sidebar like the ‘Category’ of your posts. This will allow your reader to browse through your blog easier. And readers can also find the topics that interested them without wasting more time. If you don’t want to use a ‘Category’ section, then you can also create a button that leads to all your related posts. This is the same as you’re creating a Page of Content for your blog. Just like what I did here, in The Millionaire Secrets. I create a button which leads to my Content Page. In this page (post), it contains all of the topics that I’ve written and link to them. Trust me, I’ve got a sudden increase in page views after implementing this Content Page button. Besides that, having this page will also make easy for search engine crawler to crawl through your blog.

29. Always Participate In Forum Discussion When Free
Ok, when you are free, you can always take part in forum discussions. The reason? Very simple, I bet you know this, to promote your blog. How? Write up some attractive words on your signature box, and be sure to put your url or anchor text so that people can visit your blog. Forums are very good free advertising tools. You should make full use of it. If you want to know how powerful by promoting in forums can be, just read this post, Forums Can Make A Killing. I believe that after you’ve read that post, you won’t underestimate the power of forums anymore. And of course, driving traffic from forum is not a fast work. You will see the result after quite some time. So, you must persist with your hard work, don’t give up in the middle, or else all of your hard work will be wasted.

30. Decide It Is Great To Be A Blogger
Another tips here, you must tell yourself that it is great to be a blogger. Some people when facing problems like running out of topic to post, or feeling boring of maintaining a blog, they will give up. You must decide that it is great for you to be a blogger. Only then you will feel energetic when writing a post, digging for latest news about your niche. This is exactly what you need to success as a blogger. By doing so, you will feel excited when there are people who leave their precious comments in your blog, you will feel interesting when searching for more info about your niche. Many full-time bloggers out there treat their blog as their business, it is so great for them to be a blogger. They make most of their money from their blogs, and of course they spent a lot of time in their blogs as well. So ask yourself now, are you happy being a blogger so far?

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