Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Drama Of Blog Gossip

I know from my celebrity blog how gossip spreads, before you know where you are what you have written has been picked up by others. It's like a virus that can be used for good or the not so good. It can provide information, half truths, details of events and can also cause all sorts of troubles and rivalries.

Blog gossip can influence how others feel and think. A new American teen television drama, Gossip Girl, is based on this idea and premieres today (September 19, 2007).

The series, created by Josh Schwartz, creator of The O.C. and Stephanie Savage, is based on a group of privileged teens on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Gossip Girl publishes a blog from where this elite group learn all about the important news in their lives. The thing is though, no one knows the real identity of the blogger but everyone, nevertheless, comes to rely on her website and also her text messages for the latest scoop.

As in life other outsiders, with perhaps not the status financially or socially as the main group, get drawn into their lives. Gossip Girl, therefore, wields power, and can stir up events and fire up rivalries.

For more information on this new drama have a look at the Gossip Girl on The CW website where you will find videos, previews, photos, games, message boards and all sorts of other stuff.

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