Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Eric Rockefeller's Affiliate Undercover - $7 !!!

Today I bought a great report called Affiliate Undercover from Eric Rockefeller (AKA Erock).
This report is jam packed with information that you need for success in affiliate marketing.

Here are just some of the stuff I found inside Affiliate Undercover:

* How You Can Use the Concept of Web 2.0 and Socialization to Swoop in and Sidle Up to Your Competitor's Traffic -- Right Under Their Nose -- Without Them Ever Knowing!...page 4

* The Danger in Using Stealth Affiliate Tactics to Increase Your Sales Conversions by at least 200%!...page 6

* 3 "Put-It-to-the-Test" Methods You Can use to Gauge the Profit Potential of Each Product You Intend to Promote...page 8

* The "9 Demands" You Have to Make as an Affiliate to Cut Your Promotion Costs in Half...page 10

* An Idiot-Proof Way to Stay on Top of Hot, New Products in ClickBank So That You're Ahead of the Game and Dominating a Niche Before Other Affiliates Even Get Wind of It...page 12

* ...And More Ways to Cut Into the Commissions of Your Competitors That Will Have Them Fighting Mad and Bewildered at Your Success...

This is a 59 page report packed with loads of valuable information to help YOU and ME increase our online profits.

The best part is that the price is only $6.97 and you can turn around and sell it for %100 commissions.
Believe me please, when I tell you that Affiliate Undercover is DEFINITELY worth the price!!!

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Source: Making Money on Internet for Beginners

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