Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fave me and ill Auto-Fave you!

I was doing my usual blog hopping this morning and i've seen the usual so so's-- some new blogs, the same old bigtime blogs keep making themselves rich, and some small scale blogs gradually dying a natural death (I hope this dont happen to mine). But I saw one thing that urged me to post about it.

There's an Automated Technorati Favorite Your Fans!

Now, could it get any cooler than this? I know humankind has been an avid fan of convenience but this I think is way too off the line. But i love it anyways.

Currently, i have 23 fans on this blog and out of those 23, ive only favorited like 10 or 12 of them. Why? Because it simply takes time to find out whos the newest one who favorited you. Well, consider this problem a part of history. I found out a program that would do all this for you. I found it over at InternetDuctTape and i think it was a great find. . .

Here's how it works:
It almost felt like the PathoPhysiology i work on over when i do my Nursing Reports. haha! Anyhow, the image pretty much sums up everything up. I tried it personally and it worked like a charm. Great work EngTech! Download the tool here.

Fave Me and I'll Auto Fave you!

Ive always wanted to start this on this blog but in connection to this find, i thought i might start it here. So, if you want to increase your technorati ranking , Fave my blog and once every 3 days, ill run this program. And if in case youll not see me on your fan page, leave me a comment here or contact me.

Happy Auto-Faving!

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