Sunday, September 23, 2007

Get Paid by Google to test their products

While blogchilling (I'd like to call it that way.) earlier, I found this post on jackbook's blog and thought it's a great opportunity to make money online quick.

Google is looking for product testers both existing and prototype products. This is a good way to tell google their products suck if you really want to. You have to do it nicely though, otherwise youll probably dont get paid. lol

Anyways, the only major requirement is for you to be at legal age (18 of course!). There's something for everyone around the world as long as you have your PC with you. You dont even have to live near Mountain View, Ca to participate.

What's in for me?
Youll get paid $75 per hour if you get choosen to participate.

Go ahead! Try your luck. I just did. . . We'll find out soon. ;)

For more info, Visit their FAQ Page and you can Signup here .
Source: Make money with Kirby

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