Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How To Disguise Your Blog URL

Do you want to disguise your blog address in adverts and the like? Or for any other reason? Well you can do this with the website My Dot TK.

You can pick out a new URL for use in adverts, or anywhere else, and this will re-direct traffic to your blog or website.

For example, as a test, I picked out for use with this blog. If you click on this it will take you to the normal - in other words back to this page.

With each URL selected you can also have up to five email adresses - which again are redirected to your own email address.

This is all for free - though there are payment options if any 'extras' are required. You can have as many URL's as you want.

Are there any snags?
A few but it is for free remember.

(1) When re-directed there will be a banner ad at the top of the page.
(2) To keep things current free domains expire after 90 days if less than twenty-five (25) users have been to the website.
(3) The 'tk' ending to the address might have people saying 'who?' or 'what?'

Where is tk/TK?
It's all set up in the Tokelau islands in the Pacific Ocean, about 300 miles north of Samoa. A group of Dutch and American entrepreneurs have set up Dot TK and the advertising will help the coral islands' income. They only have a combined population of around 1,500. Technically the islands are British and were claimed as such back in 1765.

There could be some interesting names still available and the banner ad shouldn't detract from your blog or website when re-directed. This doesn't in any way effect using your normal URL.

If you let your mind free there could be several uses for such a service.

Good luck,

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