Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Switched to adsense! I finally did!

To some of you, this might seem odd, lame even to a few. But hey, I finally switched to adsense!

I previously wrote about why I prefer bidvertiser than adsense. And boy, did i ever regret doing so. Dont get your conclusions clear yet, i have a few reasons (theyre good ones too!) why i finally changed to adsense.

  • Layout compatibility is bad - This is one of the first things that i noticed while using bidvertiser. The Ads doesnt integrate with my layout. Or another for that matter. You know, the best way to earn more with pay-per-click ads is to not make them look like ads at all. This is pretty difficult thing to consider when using bidvertiser.
  • Site navigation is below average - One needs to spend too much precious time spent on their site to configure ad settings. Once you want to re-do your ad configs, you have to go back to the main window and open 3-4 more windows to get the effect that you really want. Well, let me say it bluntly. . . Its not user-friendly!
  • Earnings? Forget it. - Personally, i attributed this to the difficulty in adding configured ads. They literally stand in your sidebar with a signboard hanged on their neck of font size 360 saying "Hey! Im ad Advertisement! Click me!". Way to go bidvertiser!
  • Clicks dont count - Now i strategically enumerated this last since this is not a very good example to all of you. (haha!) I asked my friend to click on the ads just once. And after the day, when I checked on my account, it wasnt registered. Yes, I dont know how many stolen clicks they got from me. But this stands as my biggest reason why i bid farewell to Bidver.

Now to all of you wondering how much i earned on bidvertiser on the whole 2 months of using them, well, to keep it a little mystery, lets just say its not enough to buy me a lousy brief!
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