Thursday, September 20, 2007

Instant Wealth Cards

These Instant Wealth Cards are for people who want to develop a positive, healthy relationship with money, & increase their levels of wealth & wellbeing. No matter what your financial situation, whether you're deep in debt or a millionaire already, I personally guarantee you'll learn new ideas from these cards that will improve your financial situation and, more importantly, improve how you feel about it. Only purchase this product if you want to change your relationship to money forever!

Each set of cards includes:
52 casino-quality game cards, each with a powerful wealth tip, installed using hypnotic language patterns!
52 Money-Making Questions (MMQs) to reinforce the patterns on the cards

In addition to the patterns on the 52 cards, you will also receive full instructions for a simple game you can play with others to 'wire in' the habits, attitudes, beliefs & actions of wealthy people into your mind (you can also play Solitaire to practice the cards by yourself).
Source: Wealth And Money

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