Thursday, September 27, 2007

MAKE MORE MONEY ONLINE - Market Research Guides


Hi, welcome back to The Millionaire Secrets. Before this I've posted about how important your customers are to you, and how marketing research can help you conquer your market easily. If you haven't read about it, you can read them here, Understand Your Customers.

Now, I'm no internet marketer gurus or anything. But I've come across some very useful market research tips and guides and I believe they can be very useful to you. This is especially true if you wanted to start your online business, if you want to make more money online. All you need is just spending a 5 to 10 minutes to read it. Here we go.

Guide #1 - Identify Your Target Market
Like everything else, if you want to start a business, you must know who you are targeting before you can even start conquering the market. You need to ask yourself, who is it that you are going to sell your products or services to. The more detail you can explain who you are targeting, the more easily you can tapped into the market. Here are some points to help you identify your markets. Age, marital status, income, interests, motivations, faith, language, educational background, and etc. There is not necessary you need to take all the points into consideration, just take the points that will have impact on your markets will do.

Guide #2 - Ask The Right Questions
You will need to ask a lot of questions if you want to do a market research. The more questions you ask about the market, the more information you can gain, hence you can be more understand with the market you are going to penetrate to. And if this happens, then it will be more easier for you to conquer your market. However, you must ask the questions right, and ask the right questions. The more specific the questions are, the better. Sometimes you can provide simple yes or no questions or even with multiple choice questions.

Guide #3 - Ask The Right Person
If you are serious in your business, then don't do survey on people who have a close relationship with you. They will not answer your questions appropriately. Mostly people who are close with you will answer you something that you like to listen, and that is not what you want. Sometimes your friends and family will even not encouraging you to run your business, they will give other discouraging advices of failures they've seen in their lives.

Guide $4 - Tips For Marketing Research
You must always take feedback from your visitors and customers, then only you can improve your business even better. Always provide contact info in your emails and websites. You can conduct polls and surveys on your websites and mailing lists. You can also exchange information with other webmasters, or you can even pay for surveys. Just think out of the box, think creatively. Use free gifts to attract visitors to fill in your survey forms. There are many methods you can conduct your survey. Just be creative. Offer something free if possible, the results will be better because people likes something free.

There you go, these are the guides for market research for now. I hope that you can benefits from these tips and guides. To Your Success.
Source: The Millionaire Secret

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