Thursday, September 27, 2007

MAKE MORE MONEY ONLINE - Understand Your Customers


Often, it is what your customers have to say about your business that matters. There are a lot of online business out there, some rises up and completely conquer their niche. And some struggling just to have a foothold. Why is this so? One of the reason is because of this, "understanding of your customers". You need to know what your customer's needs, then only you can fulfilled it.

Let me give you some example here. If you know your customers well like this:
- You offer the right products and at the right price
- You write the right sales copy and with the right graphic
You can conquer your niche easily. But if you don't understand your customers like this:
- Offer the wrong products and at the wrong price
- Write the sales copy that fail to capture your customers
- Not an attractive graphic, using the wrong message
What will happen then? Of course you will fail to conquer your niche. Therefore now you know how important knowing your customers can be.

So what I'm going to tell you next is that, market research is very crucial! You must learn how to do the market research correctly before you can even tap into a market. When you heard your friend told you that he wanted to run an online business, the first question to ask him is whether is he did the market research. If he told you he didn't do the market research, then just turn him down. But if he had done the market research, sit down and listen more about the business detail.

No matter the old days brick and mortar business or the modern day online business, market research is a must! Just like playing tennis, if you don't know the rules, there is no way you can beat the game. Starting a business without doing market research is just like going into war without having your bulletproof vest. That is why those big companies are so successful, this is because they will do the proper and complete market research before entering a new market or launching a new products.

Just because they did the market research correctly, their business can rise in a very short time. Have you notice that some of the products around you, which are not really a compulsary products, but the products still can sell. Just because they did the right market research and, their products sell. However, if their products have no values, then their sales will decrease in a very short term. Hence, market research is very important if you wanted to success in your niche. This is especially true if you want to make more money online.
Source: The Millionaire Secret

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