Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Network Marketing Struggle

Network marketing has been around longer than I have, so we can safely acknowledge that it is nothing new. It's simply just telling people you know and the people you meet, or prospects, about a product or service that you use and like. We do it everyday in our normal life. The only difference is that the Network Marketing industry has tweaked the referral system in that it compensates you for those referrals.

So why is it that so many people struggle to build their marketing business?

Most people are trying to market a product or service that they don't honestly believe in. The don't believe that the people they are talking to will actually benefit from what they are offering. Therefore, it seems to them as if it's a scam. And every person that they speak to about their product or service is hearing it in their voice and through their overall body language.

The solution however is simple...don't promote a product or service that you can't believe in or that doesn't positively impact everyone involved. There are a lot of great products and services out there that do just that. Take the time to find yours.

You just can't pretend to like something and hope that no one sees right through you. We can all sense when something is not right, as well as when someone tells about something and you can feel the joy and belief in what they do. There's no getting around it.

Network Marketing is a wonderful industry. It allows many moms (and dads) the ability to stay at home with their children. Average people are able to create financial freedom. Possibilities are endless. The key is simply to love what you do, and tell everyone you come into contact with.

Source: Work at Home Facts

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