Thursday, September 20, 2007

New TV Channel for Entrepreneurs

New TV Channel for Entrepreneurs

The response to the Gary Halbert videos I posted last was very positive...and it made me think.

I've got miles of video tape on Internet marketing in my archive going back to 1994. Why don't I start making it available for free on the Internet in useful bite sized pieces? (Duh!)

In just a few days, 1,200+ people told me they thought it was a good idea. They went to the site and joined the bulletin list to be informed every time I post a news video.

In addition to the Halbert material (much more coming by the way), I've posted some of my own talks (they were handy and ready to go.)

Coming post-System 2007 (sometime in late May or early June), I'll be posting an amazing talk by the late Ken Giddens (the System was the first conference that invited him to speak) and Dan Kennedy's talk at the System in Cleveland.

Then I'll start going through all past System videos and cherry pick highlights. My plan is to post at least one new video at the rate of one per week. In short time, there will be hundreds available.

If you're interested in taking a look at the site in its early stages, you can take a sneak peek now. I'm calling the project System Seminar TV.

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