Thursday, September 27, 2007

Perpetual Light Fund

This fund will give out an award of $100 every month to a light worker around the world. Each month a new individual will receive a light award for the purpose of starting or expanding a life-enhancing business. This fund was inspired by the perpetual education fund of the Latter-Day Saint Church.

See the first recipients at the Perpetual Light fund page.

Sheri Zampelli of the United States, December 2006 Winner #1
An-Li Theron of South Africa, December 2006 Winner #2
Alison Appiah of the United Kingdom, January 2007 Winner #3
Ann-Charlotte Stewart, of India, January 2007 Winner #4
Maria Padilla, of the Philippines, February 2007 Winner #5
Sheila Walshe, of Ireland, March 2007 Winner #6
Patrick Gould, for Work in Kenya, March 2007 Winner #7
Veronica Wangari, of Muranga, Kenya, March 2007 Winner #8

Preference may be given to:

1) Individuals from countries where the impact of $100 is greater, according to the microenterprise business model. Yet I take into account..

2) Individuals who have a business model or plan prepared. Those who plan to succeed are much more likely to do so.

No red tape - no fancy forms. Just use the "I Create Wisdom" Support Desk to send a message about who you are and what your plan is for a business to bring light to the world. This could be a craft business, a food business, a web business, or anything. I've also been inspired by Muhammad Yunus, Banker to the Poor, and his micro loan program.

The idea behind micro loans and micro grants is that this money will be paid back when the small business is self supporting, but this isn't my primary focus. I've been blessed, and I want to share with the world. When the money comes, then the light awards can be given out more frequently. Please pass the word along!
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