Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rebellious Millionaire Retreat

There is a hidden psychology to money MOST people don’t know about.

Consequently, most people never achieve financial freedom. It’s nothing you can see, hear or touch but it’s there and it’s absolutely essential you know about it if you want to achieve financial freedom.

I’ll explain in a moment, but first I want to tell you a story, if you believe me you’ll be well rewarded. If you don’t believe me I’ll do my best to change your mind. Thirty five years ago two young men, with much in common, graduated from the same university. Both were better than average students, both were personable, and like most university graduates, both filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

Recently reunited during a 35th University Reunion they still had lots in common. In fact lots in common with a lot of people their age. Both were happily married, both had 2 children, live in a nice home, and both it turned out had initially gone to work for an engineering company.

That’s pretty much where the similarities ended because one had followed the road traveled by so many hard working folk destined NEVER TO ENJOY ABSOLUTE TOTAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM. He followed the popular misconception and worked to earn money so he could save money to support his retirement some day. (That’s how most people survive. His strategy was TOTALLY WRONG and that’s why somewhere around 95% of people never ever retire free.)

You see, a brand new pill was invented that allowed them to both live for another 50 years. But only if they could afford it. I don’t mean the pill, I mean that they if they could afford to live in the style they had become accustomed to and that their savings wouldn’t run out for another 50 years.

The problem is…

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