Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rebounding from the stock corrections

Well, when the stock market suffered the correction, my portfolio suffered to. The biggest loss was on EON.VN which I bought at 0.93 and sold at 0.72 and now it appears it is on its way back up, as it closed Friday at 0.075.

However, I had a few winners. HMZ, I was able to buy and sell twice. The first time I bought at 0.11 and sold at 0.12, the second time I bought at 0.09 and sold at 0.095.

Current Holdings:

SAG.TO at 0.04
UC.VN at 0.46
VSI.VN at 0.79
IZP at 0.09

I plan to try to pick up more IZP this week at 0.075.

Also, now has a forum, many of the stocks I am watching are on there.

So, things look brighter and are picking up, I anticipate I will be back in the black by the end of the week.
Source: Adventures in day tradding

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