Wednesday, September 26, 2007

recent stock trades

It's been way to long since my last post. I promised myself I would update at least weekly, maybe even bi weekly, so I will try to keep that promise. However, the fact I have been AWOL doesn't mean that I haven't been trading.

I sold UC for a nice profit. It looks like it is really on its way back up so I have another order in to catch it when it dips a little.

I also sold VSI for a profit. It then went up even more but I have to remind myself that this is short term trading and I did make a nice profit.

This is a great time to buy CKM. It has been dipping as low as 0.125 cents, I have picked some up at that price and at 0.135. It is at 0.15 now. THis is a good company and I see this stock going back up to 0.20.

I missed my chance to get into BRW again, had the chnace at 1.82, thought it would go lower but it didn't, and was at 2.20 last I checked.
Source: Adventures in day tradding

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