Sunday, September 23, 2007

Risen a million Alexa ranking overnight! How did i do it?

Ok now, as a blogger, you always have this GREED to get your blog the highest rank possible. And as we venture into this topic, we always hear of three giant entities--Google PageRank, Technorati and Alexa.

It is without the slightest doubt in my mind that the third one, Alexa gets the lowest emphasis and is the most underrated among the three. Any reactions? I'd love to hear it. . . ^-^

Yesterday, i was trying so hard to get insights about this seemingly unobstructive idea yet bothers me alot. Perhaps because of me being so intuitive, i found tentative solutions, different opinions on how to improve alexa ranking. I learned all together and devised my own way of going about it. And just this morning. . . Bo0m! It worked!

Kirbitz' blog rose from 2,7++,+++ to exactly 1,495,582. Just overnight!

How did I do it?

Ok, im going to let you in on what i did yesterday. Feel free to try them out yourself. Though i don't guarantee it 100% but it worked for me, why wont it to you?
  • Download Alexa Toolbar - This includes related links, traffic trend, reach meter and traffic rank. For no definite reason, this is a big part of getting your blog "initiated" in the Alexa World. Furthermore, this tool comes in handy in following up your progress.
  • Embed Alexa Widget - This counts every visit that your blog has. It also counts your visits to your own blog. So, your ranking would not be very stagnant for a long period of time. As you can see, mine is in the lowest part of my sidebar so it wouldn't be very obstructive.
  • Content is King - Ive said is before and i will say it once more. The essence of each blog is content. All others-- layout, links, adverts, they are all negligible compared to your content. A blog with a good content is learned, its not born with your blog. Dont worry, there's alot of time to improve.
  • Links, links & more links! - Links to your blog helps you in two ways. Its value as a link that contributes to your PR further, and traffic-wise, the more links you have, the more quality visitors you will be having. Thus, an increase with Alexa Ranking.

So, if got a Higher Alexa Ranking, What now?

Questions like this one seem to underestimate the power of Alexa. Let me point out ways it can help you. . .

One. Your blog's ranking is one of the things that advertisers look for in a blog. If you get a higher ranking of the 3 giant names mentioned above, this will guarantee you of a sweet spot in the advertiser's heart. ;)

Two. Personally, i joined sponsoredreviews, they have an individual ranking for each blog that enters them. Just yesterday, I only got 1 check mark on my Alexa and 3 on technorati. When i checked earlier, I got 2 already! Now, im just waiting for offers. hmmm. . . $$$!

Three. The possibilities are endless! As i mentioned above, Feed Your Greed!

If only i knew this just a month ago just when i started blogging, I couldnt imagine how my blog would be doing right now. Lucky you! if you just started your blog. . .

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