Sunday, September 23, 2007

So Your Lacking the Support of Your Family & Friends...

When you are starting out on a brand-new adventure, going into the unknown. It helps to have the support of the people around you. Yet this isn't always the case.

I have always had mixed opinions from my family & friends. Some completely believed in me & gave their support. Yet they didn't trust that enough to ever join me. Then there were those that constantly reminded me that I was not a millionaire yet. They picked & they prodded to try to break me down. I was determined to prove them wrong!

I guess that after as many new ventures I took a stab at & missed, there was a bit of validation to their disapproval. I just wished they could have kept it amongst themselves.

It is enough work to trust & believe in yourself, it doesn't help having someone telling you that it's not possible. The key is finding as many ways as you possibly can to tune them out.

Most likely it has nothing to do with you or who you are and what you are capable of in the first place. There are some that are just simply set in their ways. No matter what you say or do, they will never the opportunity as you do. If they did, they would be here right along side of you.

That's the difference. They have been programmed to believe that we are suppose to work 40 hours a week, for 40 years, and that's it. Period.

My advice is this...As long as you know that you are doing what you believe in, then do everything you can to ignore the rest. It's not always easy. But soon enough, you will have your day of shining glory. And even if you think of how wonderful it would be to rub a big fat "told ya so," right in their face, don't do it. It will make absolutely no impact on what their opinion is anyhow.

Find your support elsewhere if you have to. There should be people for you to connect with on your team. If not, there are plenty of wonderful online forums where you can meet other people that share your interests & your beliefs & who just may be going through the same thing you are. Go connect there.

Some people are just simply not open to change. They are willing to continue doing what they have always done, regardless if they like it or not. And you know what? They will continue to get what they have always got!

Everyone has greatness in them. It's just that most are too afraid to let it come out.
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