Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why they signed up with Advertlets

What is Advertlets?
I think some people still don't know what it is. Basically,Advertlets.com is an Asian blog/weblog advertising network that offers the remarkably sensible proposition of targeted, unintrusive advertising that benefits the online advertising and blogger community, as well as their readers.

Why they signed up with Advertlets??
Of course, u will get many benefit such as u get payment depend on ur web, increase ur web traffic and many more. Once u register, u will never regret:).

Why they like Advertlets?
Blogger love to make money, they don't have any reason to hate Advertlets. Futhermore, Advertlets also comes from Malaysia and pay in ringgit. This is exactly the easier way to make money for malaysian citizen.
Take a look..

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