Sunday, September 23, 2007

Working vs. Playing

Summer-time is one of those times when it seems as though you can find anything and everything to be doing besides the one thing you must do, which is continue to build your at-home business. I know because like so many of you, I am a mom of 3 little fish who would much rather be at the pool then stuck at home trying to find something exciting to do.

I have to admit, with the nice warm days of summer sitting there, begging to be taken advantage of, it's hard not to find every excuse available to just go running outside, putting my work on hold for the time being. But just as I do so, in comes the guilt and the day doesn't appear to be so much fun anymore. Not only that, but with each hour I push aside until "later," all I seem to do is continue to build the pile of things that still need to be done until they are a huge, overwhelming mound, of which I must spend the next 3 days catching up on.

That's why it is key to schedule "work hours" and stick to them, especially in the summer months. By simply setting aside 2-3 hours each day, strictly for the purpose of "working," you will find that there is plenty of time left to do all the fun stuff, and your business won't go downhill in the meantime.

To have a successful business from home, you must first and foremost be Consistent and you, and only you, are responsible for your success. It takes effort, but it is definitely worth it, and you will be so glad that you put in that 3 hours each day.

Source: Work at Home Facts

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