Monday, October 1, 2007

8 Criteria for Your Freedom Lifestyle Program

Don't buy any book telling you how to earn passive residual income unless it meets these eight criteria. The Freedom Lifestyle Program meets all eight!

1. The Author makes his or her living on passive income. Don't buy "how to" instruction from somebody who doesn't know how to do it. Not only do I give you my story, but I also asked eight contributing Authors (my friends) to give you their examples and stories and experiences. These real life stories will be so valuable for your motivation and learning on the road to your own freedom lifestyle.

2. Instructs you how to create your own intellectual property product to sell. Don't buy programs and kits where all you sell to others is the Author's own program.

3. Shows by example how to get web traffic to your sales messages. Don't buy a book that doesn't tell you how to get visitors and customers.

4. Teaches you the principles underlying passive income, and how the ownership of property provides the foundation for ongoing royalties. Don't buy any "program" that only tries to sell itself!

5. Gives you the sixteen basic desires of all people, and how to make sure your products satisfy those desires. People will only purchase when they receive value in return.

6. Not only explains how to start a passive residual income, but also how to truly enjoy the freedom lifestyle. The two do not automatically go together! Many people working in royalty-based businesses are still slaves to their business and do not enjoy freedom. I'll show you how you can be free!

7. Accelerates your success by giving you a free 30 minute consultation with Christopher for private tutoring. Christopher routinely charges $90 an hour for consultations about internet profits, so this bonus is worth the price of the program in itself.

8. Provides audio instruction on core passive income principles and video segments on how to use the internet tools you need for your freedom lifestyle. Read about the video tutorials.
Source: Wealth And Money

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