Monday, October 1, 2007

ADSENSE TIPS - Adsense Tips That You Can't Miss (Continues)


I hope that you read about the Adsense Tips that I shared with you here. Hope that you have got extra clicks in your Adsense ads. Anyway, here are some other Adsense Tips that you can't miss.

11. You can use 468 x 60 banner to break up between your articles or content with your ads. The ads will then work as some links for your readers and visitors to click through. Visitors and readers can click on your ads when they lose their interest when scanning through the content.

12. Make good use of Google Adsense referral ad units. You will get $100 once the your referral sign ups and make his or her first $100 with Adsense. Don't underestimate the power of levering other people's energy and the power of network.

13. If possible, avoid to use image ads or banners. This is because they are very obvious, people know that it is an ads even before clicking on them.

14. You can try to insert a Google Search Box in your site. When your visitors can't found what they wanted, they can use the search box. And if they click on those ads in the search results, you will still make some money out of it.

15. Use the same fonts format for both your Adsense ads and your content. This will help you make your ads be more like your content.

16. If you have above the fold Adsense ads, then try to minimize the number of links on that section. This will make your visitors have less links to click and you will get your desired clicks on your Adsense ads.

17. Having your link unit closer to your search box can also help you increase your Adsense CTR. You can always try this out to check for its effectiveness.

18. You can always put a referral button around your link unit ads. This is because more visitors will be attracted to there and hence, more clicks you can get.

19. This is what you should always do, track your stats. You need to always track your stats, where your visitors came from and what do they click the most. The more you know about your visitors, the easier you can tap into your market, thus more click through rate for your Adsense ads.

20. Be creative and think out of the box. You can try out any methods that are available. For Adsense, you must do your own experiment to find out the most suitable position for your blog. Of course there are many other factors that will affect your Adsense income, but the CTR will be in your hand. So Good Luck.
To Your Success.
Source: The Millionaire Secret

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