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BLOGGING TIPS - The Ultimate Blogging Tips (Part 8)


This is the continues of The Ultimate Blogging Tips.

36. How To Capture More Readers
Here is what you can do to capture more readers. Just insert a email subscription box. You can use Feedburner to insert this. Then on your homepage, on the top site, insert some words of introduction to capture your visitors to become constant readers. You can write just like what I do here. Write an introduction then short description of what your blog is all about. After that you must tell your readers to subscribe to your blog posts. And you need to explain to them that their email will be kept safe with you, no spamming from you. And lastly, you must thank them for spending up their precious time with you. I can tell you that this will works, because I've did it. The readers who subscribe will definitely increase.

37. Add A ShoutBox Or ChatBox
Well, this is an alternative. You can add it or you can choose not to add this widget into your blog. For me, you can find one here, in The Millionaire Secrets. In my opinion, chatbox will be much more easier for me to track those who wanted to talk with me. Besides that, a chatbox work faster than leaving comments in a post. Those who have emergency can straight away drop me message, and I will reply them when I saw it. Of course, there are also some disadvantages of using them. One of the disadvantages are slow loading time. Since it is a widget and it is not necessary, it will slow down the loading time of your blog. And for some people, they will feel that by inserting this kind of chatbox in their blog, it will make their blog looks unprofessional. As for you, you can choose to use it or not to use it. It is totally up to you.

38. Develop A Posting Frequency
This is what you are going to decide once you start blogging. If you think that you are very busy, you can only write a two to three posts a week, and then make sure that you post two to three posts each week. Don't sometimes posts a lot of articles in a day, then stop for a long time until the next post. This is not a constant frequency of posting. You must develop a habit that make you post at a constant frequency. Like me, I post an article each day. No matter how busy I am, I will try my best to post one. Most of the time I will write what I would like to post about few days before, and save it as draft. This way, when the times come I can simply change the date and publish my posh without using up a lot of time. You must first decide the posting frequency before you start your blogging journey.

39. Always Give Your Own Opinion
This is where I think my mistake is. I seldom include my own opinion in my blog. My blog sounds like guides and teaching site more than a blog. Do you think so? This is a blog, and it is not CNN news site hence we should always include our own opinion in our posts. A blog is a more friendly site than other complicated sites. Besides that, including our own opinion in our blog posts can make our post and blog more unique. This is what we need in order to make our blog stand out in front of all other blogs. There are so many blogs out there, the only thing that can make our blog so special is our own idea. Dare to be different. Therefore, always remember to include your own opinion in all of your posts.

40. Make Good Use of RSS Feed
For every blogs, you can subscribe with a RSS Feed. For example, if your visitors subscribe your blog with a RSS Feed, then when you post something new, your readers will received an email (if they choose email subscription) about the post. So that they can read it from the email without having to visit your blog. Now, there are good and bad for this. Because some people said that if readers are not visiting your blog, then how can you make more money out of your blog? There is a way you can make money out of this, but it will be much more harder than having readers to visit your site and earn. You can use Feedburner Feedflare, and some other methods. However, blog is a community, you must have large readership in order for you to keep going on. Some other money making ads like ReviewMe needs the number of readership on your blog, because how you get paid per review is totally depends on how many RSS subscriber you have and other ranking systems. In conclusion, you must have a large readership, community is much more important than short term income.

So here are all the tips for now. To your success.

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