Thursday, November 22, 2007

Are Asians Prone To HAving Payday Loans?

Im a hard working college student with a very supportive parents who are always there for me. Well, lucky for me that this is my status of college lifestlyle, but what about those who are less fortunate ones who has to work for the tuition payments thay have to pay each semester?

This is pretty much the thing that bugged me for sometime now. I have friends that dont even consider student loan consolidation even the need is worst than a terminal cancer case. Well, thats a bit exaggerated but you get my point. This is pretty much what I wanted to discuss here because the enrollment has just been over and I still see un-enrolled students or even friends because of financial constraints. I mean why not give credit to having loans? Sure, its pretty risky but i guess its not very hard to imagine if its just for education.

Student loan consolidation might just be the one problem solver for these people. The question that i raised today would be decided upon by the individual themselves. Private student loans is a gift, why not utilize payday loan?
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