Monday, November 19, 2007

Dollar Rate Begin To Lower Down

In India we exchange one dollar for fourty eight rupees.Almost four eighth time stronger than rupee.In this days i am earning a lot more from blogging.But i am loosing 10 rupees per dollar.In many of the months i cashed out total $400 but when i exchanged it to rupees i got only fifteen thousand rupees instead of nineteen thousand rupees.So here i lost almost four thousand rupees.In that four thousand rupees i can buy a apple ipod.It is nearly equal to $100 American dollars.

All this were happening due to the more dollar in flows in to the country.More and more people in America are working there and the money which they earn are exchanging in their own country.This is one of the strongest reason to bring dollar exchange rate down.And also due to the rise in the Indian stock market points.This is not only happening in Indian market but also in entire world.If the dollar exchange rate continue to go down then in future for me there will be no benefit of visiting America.I want to go America for doing job and as well as for doing my studies.America is taking necessary measures to make people stay in their country permanently by giving them green card.

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