Sunday, November 18, 2007

Earn Money Quickly And Easily Using Smorty

Nearly three months ago, i posted about Smorty and how to get paid by blogging using it. At the first month, i never really got that many offers from them though they never failed to notify me of some offers that my blog is available for. This was true until my blog exploded with a PR3 status and got more offers than ever before. I have to say real blogging really starts at your fourth month, until then, just be patient, youll make it through the rain.

Just this week alone, i have made three posts for them at $10 each plus this one amounting to six bucks. That's equivalent to $36 in just one week and in just one program. Hows that for attaining financial independence from parents? Im getting a good feeling this will be of my benefit. Are you still not a member of smorty? Go ahead and get paid to blog!

Happy earning guys!

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