Sunday, November 18, 2007

My First Week Of Class Is Killing me!

Just a week ago, i posted about the start of the class and what it means to me and to this blog. Well. . . Im telling you, medical-surgical nursing is one of the most difficult things you will ever encounter on this world!

Im not exaggerating! Makes me wonder what am I to do with my time-management. Theres just too much things to do with so little time! It seems like 24 hours is too little to study everything and to add insult to injury, i also have minors like religious studies and english to eat up my free time and to top it all off, i have to submit a viable nursing research work at the end of the semester.

I dont know if i can do it, but somehow, I WILL!

This is what is on my mind right now. As they say, try and try until you die. lol As for my money making journey, i would still go for goal. And that is to be financially independent from my parents. Can i make it? Only time will tell! We'll see. . .
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