Sunday, November 18, 2007

Status Of Availability Of Paypal In The Philippines

Recently, I met a fellow blogger from Cagayan de Oro (The city i call home) on mindanao bloggers and we got to talk about blogging, its money making potentials and everything about paypal in the philippines. As it turns out, he has been making quite hefty money from paypal and smorty from his entertainment blog since 2005! (imagine how much money is there to make in 2 years) and being curious as I am, I asked everything about the availability of paypal in the philippines and heres what he suggested me to do :

Open an EON Account at union bank.
EON is a debit card that accepts services online banking transactions specifically from paypal. In fact, it is the sole card that offers this kind of service here in the philippines and for a blogger's ear, there is no sweeter sound than this news.

So with this, I decided to apply for an account online and after a few submission of personal infos, I was told that my card will be ready for pick up at a branch that I selected when I registered (Im picking it up on monday).

Open your own account online like i did. It took me like 2 minutes! click here to find out more.

Verify my Paypal Account
This is something that i wanted to do for quite sometime now but i couldnt, simply because i dont have a debit or credit card but with this EON debit card, I can now verify my paypal account right after I come back home from the bank.

Transfer my Paypal Money To My EON.
This is the step that im really excited about. With the money that I am anxiously waiting to get my hands on, sometimes its pretty hard to sleep at night. lol! Imagine I can now (hopefully, everything turns out right) pay my bills, shop and eat, eat, eat with just one swipe and with the money I earn from blogging. I cant wait!

Thats pretty much the steps he told me and im on my way of making step number three happen next week after I receive my card. If youre a blogger and dont know yet how this things work, drop me a line. I can help you out with a thing or two. Special thanks to robstroy for helping me out. Salamat bay! - 'thanks man!'
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