Sunday, December 9, 2007

Back Catalogue Brings Traffic Today

I wrote about the importance of images a short while back and how I was quite chuffed that I'd had 50+ referrals from Google Images in a day.

Now I don't know what has happened in the last nine days, since I wrote that post, but I presume Google must have done some sort of update. I say this because over the last two days I've had over 1000 referrals from Google Images on my celebrity blog.

So I say again, to emphasise the point, images/photos can bring traffic. Well they can, providing you have a blog that lends itself to publishing several a day.

I look on photos as I do old posts - they are my back catalogue.

Pink Floyd's Back Catalogue

It's a little like a pop stars' old hits. They may not be in the charts and selling hundreds of thousands of copies but they hang around and they still get bought or played on the radio. So they continue to make money.

It's the same with old blog posts and their images. They may not get the same number of hits as newer articles but they can still attract traffic. It's why it's important that archives are easily accessible and aren't deleted.

It's also another indicator of the importance of trying to include the right keywords and so on within each post. A little extra effort now can reap dividends.

If we do it right, old posts can bring us visitors today.

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Source: Mike's Money Making Mission

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