Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gift Card Lab Rave

Do you find it hard trying to figure out what gifts to give people? I know I do. I never know what to get anybody for a gift so either the gift I give is not a surprise because I end up asking people what they want or I give them money. Although giving money gives the person the chance to go out and get what they want it is so impersonal.

Gift cards are a better way to give some one something they use to get what they want, it seems more like a gift. An even better way is if you could give the person a personalized gift card with a photo or something of your own design.

Gift Card Lab is the first Visa gift card that gives you the chance to design your own custom Gift Card. You can give your gift card recipient a card with their favorite photo on it. As an artist I would give gift cards with my art on them. It’s almost like giving two gifts, the money on the card and the card itself.

Go to Gift Card Lab and start creating your Gift Card.

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