Tuesday, December 4, 2007

PayperPost launches Real Rank

As many of you know, Google have hit bloggers who do sponsored posts hard by reducing their pagerank (in many cases to 0)

Many Sponsored Posts are offered on Page Rank and this has hit our income potential.

To get around this PayPerPost has launhced it's own ranking system called RealRank.

Here is some more information taken from their website.

"The RealRank is a flat rank. We calculate a score for each blog we track, and then sort the resulting scores to assign each blog a rank form 1 to n. For opportunity segmentation though we normalize the rank. "

"When creating an opportunity, advertisers are asked to select a rank from 1 through 9. This really equates to a percentage of the marketplace to exclude from an opportunity. If an advertiser chooses a 9, they are effectively excluding 90% of the marketplace and only allowing people in the top 10% of the ranks into the opportunity"

I for one salute this step by PayperPost as it's a sensible solution to a real problem
Source: Web-Dosh

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