Thursday, September 27, 2007

12 KEYS TO SUCCESS - Always Concentrate In Your Work

KEY #7 – Always Concentrate In Your Work

You must be 100% concentrate in your business, your work. Focus in your goals until you achieve it. This is a key that you will need if you desire for success. For you, your company is the most important. You don’t need to care what had happened to other companies out there. It is your company that is making you richer, not other companies. So always focus in your work.

You will feel the flow of energy if you concentrate in your company in your products. Have you ever gone to any seminar before? And if you have, I’m sure the organizer will ask you to switch off your hand phone. Why? This is because they want you to 100% concentrate in the seminar. Only with 100% of work you will achieve great results.

Let me give you another few more examples of concentrating in your work and your company. Have you ever seen any babies crying? When babies are hungry, they will cry. And they cry with 100% of their energy! Sometimes they even cry till the whole face turns red without any voice. So you see, we are born in such a way that we do thing with 100% concentration. However, during the time we grow up, we’ve been influence by the surrounding, we start to loosen ourselves. All the negative effects have been instill in our mind and influences our behaviors.

Another thing that often makes a lot of people unable to achieve success in their life is that they try to success. There is no try to success in this world. Success never comes automatically, you will need to pay for it with your time and effort. If you want try for something, then don’t do it. If you decide to do it, then don’t try, go for 100%, go all out! Only then you can achieve greater results. You know what, if you go all out and even if you fail to achieve your goals, you will still feel delighted because it is not your fault or mistake, you’ve go for all out. But of course, if you go 100% all out, you will definitely achieve your goals and success in the end.

So now you know that how important of putting 100% concentration and effort are. Always, do your work with 100% effort, don’t worry that you will fail. If you put on 100% effort, I’m sure that success will eventually be yours.

Keep this key with you, always. It is very useful for you when you are down and frustrated. The time when you lost yourself, feeling that you will fail to reach your goals, just focus and concentrate back to your dreams. To your success.

The 12 KEYS to Success :
Key #1 - Never Gives Up
Key #2 - Control Your Emotion
Key #3 - Be Prepared To Fight

Key #4 - Be Responsible
Key #5 - Having A Burning Desire
Key #6 - You Must Have A Plan
Key #7 - Always Concentrate In Your Work
Key #8 - Must Have A Clear Goal
Key #9 - I Am Talented
Key #10 - You Have To Pay For It
Key #11 - Be Ready To Learn
Key #12 - Success Require No Secrets

Source: The Millionaire Secret

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