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Actually, I believe that everyone knows about this method of increasing your traffic. Simple enough, just put up your signature, and write some attractive words, then post some informative posts in the forum and you will get extra traffic.

Yes indeed this is how it works, but lately I've come across something that really open up my mind about increasing traffic using forums. Maybe you've knew about this, but for some people, they still don't know this. Well if you have a website or blog to promote. You can go to some highly trafficked forums, just like :

The Warrior Forum
ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum
Digital Point
Conquer Your Niche
Associate Programs

What you will need to do then is to make sure that you have a very seducing and powerful signature. And the best is if you can offer something FREE in your website. The easiest free gift you can create is an eBook. It can be short, simple. A 10 pages or less eBook will be just great. As long as they are free and informative. You can also build up a list to capture email list by using this method.

And now, the final and most important step, this will eat up some of your time to do so. Posting in all the forums mentioned above. Here is the idea, lets say that you make 5 posts everyday at each of the forums above. And for one month, you will have at least 30 x 5 x 6 = 900 posts total. Then assume that each of your posts will have 1 people clicking the link to your website in your signature. You will have at least a list of 900 subscribers! And you know what, each post yield 1 subscriber is a very conservative calculation. Which means that, if you do this everyday, you can have a 1,000+ subscriber after one month. Amazing result right?

So this is how forums can help you build up your traffic and your list of subscribers. If this is to compare with article marketing, since both of the methods are free, you should go for two if you have the time.

A few posts everyday seem like very few, but through time and continuous effort, you can generate a huge traffic. Success is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Something big is often made up by lots of small thing through time. To your success.
Source: The Millionaire Secret

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