Thursday, September 27, 2007

12 KEYS TO SUCCESS - You Must Have A Plan

KEY #6 – You Must Have A Plan

Well, right, to success, you must have a plan. Make sure that you will come out with a plan after finished reading this article. Only when you have a plan, then you will know where you are heading, and what you should do to achieve them. It is useless if you have great dreams and great goals, but you don’t have a plan which will lead you there.

What if you don’t have a plan? You will end up in other people’s plan. Yes, indeed, if you don’t have a plan, then you will end up becoming part of people’s plan. If you don’t have a plan, then it will be the same as you’ve arrive to a new city and don’t know where you wanted to go. You will end up in nowhere. Having a plan is equally important as having a clear goal. A goal without a plan is just a dream.

Everything you do in your life must have a plan. Just like if you want to go to A from B, there are a lot of ways you can get there. You can take a plan, train, or by car. If you don’t have a plan, then maybe you will end up listening to your friend’s advice by taking a train to A. So you see, you will end up in other people’s plan. It is the same here if you want to make more money online. You can choose to make more money using eBay, affiliate marketing, or create your own products.

It is very dangerous if you don’t have a plan. Taking back making more money online as example, if you don’t have a plan, what will you do? Maybe you will try each method. And none of them will work for you. Why? Because you did not concentrate. First maybe you will try to sell something through eBay, and then you find it was hard, and you change to affiliate marketing. After that you could say that it is better to sell your own products since you are already doing selling through internet. Therefore you see, you’ve wasted lots of time and energy just because you don’t have a clear plan.

Look around your house, do you think that without proper planning, you will end up with a building that you can stay inside. Of course not, planning is crucial. The architects will need to deicide every area and dimension of your house, then engineers are going to design for your house which can stand all the loads. A great plan will lead you to great success. Although all the process may consume a lot of time. But slowly, day by day, you will move nearer towards your goals.

Did you know what you should do now? If you don’t, you must plan your steps now. What are you going to do to achieve your goals. This is another great key you need to keep in your pocket. Use it wisely to open the door to success.

The 12 KEYS to Success :
Key #1 - Never Gives Up
Key #2 - Control Your Emotion
Key #3 - Be Prepared To Fight

Key #4 - Be Responsible
Key #5 - Having A Burning Desire
Key #6 - You Must Have A Plan
Key #7 - Always Concentrate In Your Work
Key #8 - Must Have A Clear Goal
Key #9 - I Am Talented
Key #10 - You Have To Pay For It
Key #11 - Be Ready To Learn
Key #12 - Success Require No Secrets

Source: The Millionaire Secret

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