Thursday, September 20, 2007

21 Bullets for AdWords Success

'21 Bullets for AdWords Success' Teleseminar on April 11 - April 10, 2007


Perry Marshall is having a "21 Bullets for AdWords Success" teleseminar with Bryan Todd,Joey Atlas and Joe Chapon on Wednesday ,April 11 at 3:00 PM EST. [Teleseminar]


Teleseminar Focus

Perry says, "5 years ago this week (!) I opened my first AdWords account, and a LOT has changed since those early days. On Wednesday April 11 I'm doing a no-cost teleseminar covering the latest intelligence and tactics. And I'm going to be interviewing two students who've become very successful:

--When Joey Atlas was a personal fitness coach, he had to train 13-14 people each day to keep the checks comin' in.... but when he got married and had a family he decided working 'round the clock was for the birds. But he had to bridge the gap.

Now because of his website, he works from home, plays with his kids, and offers his fitness training via DVDs that he sells. Every time we have a Mastermind call, Joey thanks me for his new Internet lifestyle. On our call, Joey talks about how he cracked the code on AdWords.

--Joe Chapon is president of Supercamp, a summer camp for improving kids' academic skills. Joe tells how he's added Pay Per Click to his arsenal and greatly improved his margins and grown his business to international proportions. Discover how he made the transition.

In addition to interviewing our special guests, Bryan and I will be delivering 21 bullets for success, including:

-How to get past the elusive tipping point so you achieve "hockey stick" growth with your traffic (it's a magic carpet ride if you get this one thing right)
-The sequence for rolling out new products and marketing campaigns, so there's zero wasted steps
-The most under-served and least competitive area of online marketing; how to tap it
-If you're buying lots of clicks and getting no results, one technique that will save your bacon almost every time

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