Tuesday, September 25, 2007

About email YOU WON $500! Yahoo! Mail congratulates you!

This is very new scam by using yahoo.com to influence people. Beware or you also can be tricked by this email. I receive this email about 2 week before, i not quite sure it is true or not. Then i ask to Yahoo! Answer and they help answer this question. When you read once, this email look like very real. That's my experience.

Respond to this scam,

The email you have recieved is not genuine and is not from Yahoo!

This is a scam, they are trying to obtain your personal details and an 'advance fee' that you will never recover.

The Yahoo! Security Centre has an excellent article on these 'Phishing Scams'. You can read this here:

It is also a good idea to read through the FBI's information on Internet Scams. The site is regularly update, so you may wish to bookmark it to check on in the future:

For more information on Phishing and Advance Fee Frauds, see:

Please forward the email to phishing@cc.yahoo-inc.com and then mark as 'spam'.

It is SPAM/ We got tons of Qs here .
Just change your password immediately; and send the mail to abuse@yahoo.com and they will respond.

You can read their comments by click here
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