Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Earn money online?

The first you must know about earning money online is the ways of earning.There is a lot of ways such as marketing,affiliate programs,PTP,PTR,PTC,investing money and etc.

This is a way that you must marketing a product for a company and when you sell their product you will receive your money.there is not same rate for companies.be careful about them because they maybe not pay!

Affiliate programs:

This way is that you refer somebody in you downline and the programs will give you some money.

Means Pay To Promote.this is a page that you can promote on other sites and they will share a little money that they receive from advertisers with you.
Means Pay To Read.you must read ads that the companies send to you and they will give you money.

Means Pay To Click.you must click the banners that advertisers send to you and then they will give you some money or POINT.you can redeem you POINTS on their sites to promote your PTP address then you can earn money from both site.

Investing money:
There is a lot site that say you can invest money on them and then they will give you a lot of money in 10 day!.I didn't try them because I can not trust them and I don't know how they can do it.

And now it's on your choice to choose the right way that you know you can earn from that.
If there is other ways,I will glad to know,Thanx.
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