Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blog, If You Don't Mind Sharing

How many times have we heard that the more we give the more we'll receive? Is it also true in our blogoshpere?

Before you ever decides to start their own making-money-online blogs, I think the very first thing you should ask yourself is whether or not you're ready and willing to share some hard-earned secrets. You might not yet have the hard-earned secrets just yet, but over time you WILL discover ones of your own. And when that time comes, will you be willing to share them?

I'm not talking about any information you can find over the internet with a little effort. I'm talking about the sure practical ways you discovered that really really works!

Let's say you stumbled across an untapped money making source and you're the first person to find the way in. You see this wide open treasure island that will bring you in more and more money over the years. If you share this magic secret in your blog, then hundreds of others will come pouring into it and there'll be little left for you.

Are you still willing to share it?

I say, you should be. Sharing your own secrets is what makes blogging fun. It's what makes the difference between personal blogs and professional websites. And don't ever be afraid of sharing your secrets here, because only then can you force your brains to be more creative and to come up with thousands of other untapped secrets that you're going to share with all of us.

Share. And you'll discover a whole lot more.

Source: Blog for money: A Beginners Guide

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