Sunday, September 23, 2007

BlogRoll-over to my Top Menu

This post is just to tell my blogging friends in my blogroll that im transferring the list over to another page. This is to make a better looking sidebar. I think it would be beneficial for everyone since it gets to be added on my top menu itempage and labelled as "My Blogroll". This way, readers and visitors will be more aware of it.

Im going to make this a temporary change. After a month or so, i will evaluate it if it served its purpose. And if not, im going to work things out.

Im still in the painstaking process of tweaking my template. Its tough if you only know the very basic of html. But well see how it looks like.

If you want to have a link-exchange with Kirbitz, this blog is open to everyone without particular preference. . Just contact me.

Money-Making BlogRoll:

Infinite Money

Making Money through the Internet

Make money Online with a Filipina

Make Money Online - KantonFC

B money Savvy

Great Money Earning Sites

Millionaire Secret

Money Online

Don't Worry Make Money

Earn online money

Pinoy x-sa KSA


Mixed BlogRoll:

Mister Linker

Rob and the Blogosphere

Doubting Thomas

Health and Wealth Topic

Silkenhut's Blog

Gio's Weblog-About anything and everything.

A Window To Our World



Colorful Days

Geuro's Blog

Jenny's Wandering Thoughts

Kiwi Pinay

knowledge creates power

Tonet's Daily

Pedestrian Observer


Adventures of Vin

Pinoy Blogero

Digital Shop

AnitoKid Chronikos

I think therefore i Blog.

Batang Yagit

There you have it! I want everyone to contact me if you want to have your Anchor text changed. I even want you to have a small caption about your blog. A 50-100 word description will suffice.

Just remember to Feed Your Greed!

Source: Make money with Kirby

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