Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bum Marketing Easy Guide

I bought this product a while back and it's so good that I wanted to tell you about it again.
It's called the Bum Marketing Easy Guide .

Actually, it's a package with 3 products in it:

1. Bum Marketing Easy Guide
this is the main guide you need to learn how to do "Bum Marketing"

2. Bum Info Product Creation
How to create your own infoproducts - the BUM way.
(There are also 4 image files for it)

3. Press Release Cash
Fast method to get listed high in search engines and cash on it.
(There are also 4 image files for it)

affiliatecloaker.zip is your bonus script in the package.
Unzip it and read the readme.txt inside on how to install.
You can use it to cloak your long and ugly affiliate links to something like
www.yoursite.com/yourproduct.php this wil also prevent your affiliate commissions from being stolen.

The price tag on this product makes it an absolute NO-BRAINER. It's one of the most worthwhile products I've ever bought.
Bum Marketing Easy Guide

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