Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Over 5 Free Hours of International Phone Calls!

In today’s world most of the people travel from one place to another to find better career growth and in that process they even travel different countries. But at some point they will be contacting their families and for that they need to take care of the mobile bill from which they are calling. Now people don’t have to worry much about that as Pingo presents phone card international at very low prices .Pingo is offering many exclusive offers along with international calls at low prices. There are plenty of advantages from Pingo. I want to let you know that you avail free 5 hours of international call when you sign up with Pingo.

First thing you can check the latest charges applied for international calls that you want to make with their Rate watcher. Pingo offers two different plans for phone card international they are business and family plan. Under these plans you can save up to 90% of your international phone calls. It saves both on your international calls and domestic calls. And when you sign up with pingo you will receive $5 as a bonus.

Using phone card international from Pingo you will experience a unbroken and undisturbed network and you will see very low rates are applied when you make calls to India and other nations of the world .You are not charged any other fees other than the calls you have made. And you don’t have to enter any pin number before the number you dial.Phone card international from Pingo is a reliable and convenient service to use.

Pingo also holds a referral program through which you are also entitled to receive $15 for each person you refer. I prefer Pingo is one of the best for international calling cards for both business and personal use.

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